BMW 24/7 Service App

Dealing with automobile services can be complex, there's a lot to think about, on both side (client or dealership). At BMW, they decide to improve this journey using a full digital client-to-dealership platform.

The 24/7 Service App makes scheduling and carrying out appointments more flexible and easier. For the client who can now schedule an intervention from a full native iOS and Android application and for the dealership who can manage all appointments from a powerful Web interfaces.

I was in charge of the User Interface of the dealership side of the project. I was also involved in the UX process, working on wireframes, preparing prototype or iterate on user flow.

This product is an official product of BMW Benelux, so it was necessary to respect so official guidelines of the brand in terms of design (colors, typography, buttons, etc.)

To be more efficient, I create all the different components in Sketch, with their different states, to be able to use them quickly in all the screens of the application. A well-prepared work environment is essential to work efficiently, sustainably and iteratively.