NOHO’s mission is to contribute to the quality of life of people suffering from lymphedema. Lymphedema is a swelling of a part of the body due to an impairment of the lymphatic system. There is no cure for it. People are affected for their entire life. Patients have to rely on a weekly treatment performed by a specialised practitioner to reduce the swelling.

NOHO developped a connected medical device, so that patients can reduce the lymphedema, by themselves, anywhere and at anytime.

This connected bandage is linked to an application, for which I accompanied the client throughout the whole design process.

Experience Design

A first application was created during the development of the beta, with no design vision, this application left users lost and disappointed. Before launching the product officially, the mobile application need a total rework.


During a first workshop, we go through the differents use-case, users feedback and business requirements. All these information, allowed me to created a full detailled user-flow to map the differents user journeys present inside the application.


Based on this user-flow, the wireframes were created. It was important to keep in mind that users will mainly use this application with one hand, the other hand will be taken by the bandage. Interactions should be clear, simple and easily attainable.

Those wireframes were transformed into a clickable prototype to validate our assumptions.

UI Design

As the product is innovative, the client wanted this to be conveyed through the design. The challenge here was to reconcile this design approach with the targeted users who were mainly non-digital native.

This vision is already reflected in the branding. I keep it into the application using big call to action, a clear information structure using typography and styles.

It's a medical equipment, which can really help people, so it was essential to make it easy to use.